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We’re a group of beverage and food aficionados looking to bring the world’s best culinary treats and traditions to America. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and with teams across Asia, we scour the globe in our quest. We’re the same folks who created ALO Drink (alodrink.com), the #1 aloe vera infused beverage brand in the US, and we’re always looking for the next big thing. Join us in our journey!

Young Asian woman listening to headphones at a train station on a leisure day drinking Jenji Pure Mango Boba Tea

Creating a Perfect Boba

Boba tea, also known as bubble tea or pearl tea, is on fire! Originating in Taiwan in the 80s, it became so popular that boba tea shops sprang up all over Taiwan. Now they are here in the U.S. too.

Boba tea is known for the inclusion of boba pearls, chewy, marble-sized spheres traditionally made from tapioca starch. Our challenge was that tapioca pearls do not work in a bottled or canned drink. Over time, they expand and disintegrate, losing the glutinous springiness that makes boba so popular.

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Coconut jelly bits in a coconut shell

What We Did That Made the Difference

Crafting a new, shelf-stable boba

Here at Jenji, we’ve developed our unique Coco Jelly Boba--a boba made of coconut jelly. It's a semi-translucent, white, jelly-like food made by the fermentation of fresh coconut water. Coconut jelly not only holds up better in liquid, but also has the light, firm, chewy mouthfeel that boba fans adore. To top it off, it contains far fewer carbs than tapioca pearls –32g per 100g vs. 88g for tapioca pearls.

Try it for yourself and enjoy the boba craze anytime, anywhere.

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